Haley at Target

Haley's job at Target

Work It is the third episode in the Twinny Somethings series. In this episode, the girls get jobs, and they compete with each other to see who has the most fabulous job.


Jean talks about how she just got her first job; a job selling langerie at Victori

Jean's job at Victoria Secret

a Secret. It cuts away, and Jean begins to pose. Then, she mentions Haley's new job working at Target. "It's no big deal." Haley says. Then, it cuts away to Haley doing bland poses. "It's no Victoria Secret." Haley says "But I meet a lot of interesting people." "She's lucky!" Jean replies. "I only get to meet hot people!" Jean's watch beeps. She says that it's time for her to go to work.

Haley comes up to Jean and tells her she has a new job. "Who would want to hire you?" Jean replies. Haley says to guess. "Hot dog on a stick." Jean replies. "I'm working at the Hustler store!" Haley says. Jean says how they wouldn't hire her. "It was a total random hook up, see. I was just talking to this lady in Target, and it turned out she was the manager of the Hustler store." Haley says. "She said I had this sexy librarian look totally going on." She continues. Then she says that she knew Jean would be jealous and that she got her a present. She then hands her a gift wrapped in aluminum foil.

Jean says that she quit her job at Victoria Secret. Haley looks surprised. She says it was okay, but it was getting in the way of her new job at Playboy. She says she is Miss April. Haley says that it's gross because their father reads Playboy. Jean shrugs.

Haley says that she got fired from her job at Hustler because the manager saw Jean in Playboy and thought they were the same person. Jean says that she was a sexy school teacher, which is different than a librarian. Then their dad calls. Jean tells her to say hi, while she goes off screen.

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Twinny Somethings Ep

Twinny Somethings Ep. 3 Work It - ChickComedy

Twinny Somethings Ep.3: Work It

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer/Director: David Goldman

Writer: Alan Lebetkin

Cast: Jade Ramsey as Jean

Nikita Ramsey as Haley

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