As you may know, the Twinny Somethings community has a lot of userboxes, so here are the codes to help you out! Enjoy!

Note: Certain userboxes such as the Admin, Chat Moderator, Beaurcrat and Founder userboxes can only be used by certain users. Please don't use those userboxes unless you are an Admin, a Chat Moderator, a Beaurcrat or the Founder of this wiki, Thank You!

Userboxes Code (Put {{}} on Outside)
Twinny Somethings Opening This user loves Twinny Somethings!
Twinny Somethings
Jade and Nikita Ramsey (5) This user needs Episode 6!
Episode 6
Twinny Somethings Logo This user loves the Twinny Somethings Wiki!
Twinny Somethings Wiki
Chick Comedy This user loves Chick Comedy!
Chick Comedy
USer of the week This user is user of the week!
User of the week
User of Last week This user was user of the week last week!
Last user of the week
Keep-calm-and-watch-twinny-somethings This user is keeping calm and watching Twinny Somethings !
Watch Twinny Somethings
Position Userboxes Code (Put {{}} on the Outside)
Creator This user is the founder of this wiki!
JeanatVictoriasecret This user is an admin on this wiki!
Jean This user is a chat moderator on this wiki!
Chat Moderator
JeanandHaleyphone This user is a beaurcrat on this wiki!
Character Userboxes Code (Put {{}} on the Outside)
Jean (1) This user loves Jean!
Haley (2) This user loves Haley!
HaleygivesJeanapresent This user likes the Jaley sister relationship!
Cast Userboxes Code (Put {{}} on the Outside)
Jade Ramsey (16) This user loves Jade!
Nikita Ramsey (3) This user loves Nikita!
Nikita and Jade Ramsey (11) This user likes the Jakita sister relationship!
Episode Userboxes Code (Put {{}} on the Outside)
The Little Blue Dress (1) This user loved the episode The Little Blue Dress!
The Little Blue Dress
TwinnySomethingsDL This user loved the episode Dance Lessons!
Dance Lessons
JeanandHaleyworkingit This user loved the episode Work it!
Work it
Twinny Somethings Ep.4 Going Vegan ChickComedy This user loved the episode Going Vegan!
Going Vegan
Haley and Jean art society This user loved the episode Art Society!
Art Society