Jean secretly orders Domino's

Jean is potrayed by Jade Ramsey . Jean is a very bold, out-going girl. She is punk-ish and a little slutty. Her twin sister, Haley , isn't as bold as her, and Jean often tries to exploit that to make herself seem better. For instance, in episode 3, Work it, she talks about her fabulous job as a Victoria Secret sales person, wh
ile Haley has a job at Target. Some of her intrests include hooking up with older men and making Haley look stupid. Much like Patricia Williamson from House of Anubis, Jean's style is very punkish. Although her style is punk, unlike Patricia Williamson from House of Anubis, she wears lighter colors instead of blacks and purples. For instance, her favorite dress is light blue.
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Jean throws up

Jean throws up


Jean talks to herself in the mirror