Haley tells Jean about her job at Hustler

Twinny Somethings Ep.4 Going Vegan
Haley and Jean art society

Jean asks Haley to go to the meeting as her

Jaley is the pairing of Haley and Jean (J/ean and H/aley). The two are sister (Twins) the two have very different personalities. Jean lent Haley her blue dress for her date with Rob Conelly, but it later turned out it was a rip off of the dress. Jean tried to teach Haley how to dance but put an embarrasing dance video of Haley online. She rubbed it in Haley's face when she got a job at Victoria's Secret while Haley had a job at Target, and she made Haley go to her Art Society, pretend to be her, and get guy
' phone numbers.
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