Dance Lessons

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Dance Lessons is the 2nd episode in the Twinny Somethings Series. In this episode, Haley wants Jean to teach her how to dance, but Jean records it and puts it onto YouTube to embarrass Haley.


"5,6,7,8!" chants Jean,at the beggining of the episode. "Find the beat, Haley, find the beat!" Jean encourages as Haley and her dance. "Grab that beat, and smack that beat on the ass!" As Haley's red hair bobs up and down, she informs Jean, "I think I found it!" Bouncing, Haley pushes her fingers up and down, until she is tumbling on the floor.Jean starts talking


Haley asks Jean for Dance Lessons

to the camera about how much she's ashamed that Haley can't dance, and explains that she's going to give her dance lessons. Then she says that Haley wants to keep the dance lessons

a secret. "So I'm going to ask you not to watch as I forget to turn the webcam off." She says. "Is that thing on?" Haley asks. Jean replies no and

Haley says that she would die if anyone saw it. Haley starts to "do the funky chicken."

Then, later, Haley is sitting on her bed talking on the phone. "Oh, I hope your cat feels better. Maybe we could do next week? Oh, I understand, goldfish can be really time consuming." then she hangs up. That was the third guy to cancel on her in a week. Then Jean comes over with her computer and sits next to Haley. She shows Haley a video she found on YouTube. It's the video of Haley doing the funky chicken. Jean says she must've forgotten to turn off the webcam, and Haley notices the video has 2 million views. Haley says she'll never get another date again, and Jean


Haley sees the video of her dancing

says that on the bright side she's really popular.

Later, Haley is talking to the camera, giving us a tour of her room. She shows the bed, then the bathroom, and she catches Jean on camera talking to herself in the bathroom mirror. "You're a beautiful girl, Jean Marie. Stop it. You say that to everyone. Only you. Really? Promise. Look into my eyes. Can I kiss you? Try it and see." She then kisses herself in the bathroom mirror. Haley turns the camera back to her and says that it might


Jean talks to herself in the mirror

not be the best love story ever told, but it will get a solid 15 million hits on YouTube."
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Writer : Alan Lebetkin

Executive Producer/Director: David Goldman

Starring: Jade Ramsey and Nikita Ramsey


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Twinny Somethings Ep. 2 Dance Lessons