Welcome to Twinny Somethings Wiki! The place with everything Twinny Somethings! If you need help or want to contact an admin, here is the list of admins for the Twinny Somethings Wiki!

HOA2012 Founder,Beaucrat, Admin, and Chat Moderator
Val the Walrus Beaurcrat,Admin and Chat Moderator
Ilovesibuna Admin and Chat Moderator
PEDDIE 4ever Admin and Chat Moderator

If you would like to become and admin, or be in any other postition; please contact a bureaucrat and/or an admin.


Twinny Somethings Wiki has many rules, all with consequences. You should read all of the rules before you start editing. You don't want to start editing and then realize you broke a rule, that would not be good, and please do not use not reading the rules as an excuse for breaking the wiki's rules. Visit Policies page which has all of the wiki's rules.

Pages marked for deletion

If your page is marked for deletion, explain why it does not need to be deleted to an admin on their talk page.


If someone is annoying you, please tell one of our admins and we will give the user a strong warning. If there is more than two warnings on their talk page, the user will be deleted for the amount of days needed. The ban can go from 3 days to permanately.